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Make Sure Your Fire Extinguisher Is Up To Date

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fires are the most unpredictable disaster that can occur. Fires can start from malfunctioning outlets, faulty appliances, and even the slightest embers that were not fully put out. Think about it, how many different appliances are in your home/business? How many outlets to keep track of?

Most appliances, and outlets have safety surge protectors that don’t allow them to overheat. It’s always good to have backups and safety plans set for yourself, your family, and your employees in case an emergency occurs.

The specific fire safety equipment that is required for office buildings includes smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire alarms and extinguishers. While all of these items are necessary for fire safety and prevention, ensuring you have a fire extinguisher could be the most important. A fire extinguisher is the most direct way to stop a fire from spreading and causing more damage than it already has.

Be sure to check the link provided for the National Fire Protection Agency’s requirements on portable fire extinguishers.