Water Damage Photo Gallery

Lido Beach Water Loss Recovery

Our highly skilled SERVPRO team, utilizing the latest in advanced equipment, can minimize the water loss to a structure in Lido Beach. We strive to restore and not replace water damaged building elements. The injecti-dry system gets the job done quickly while saving money for our customer. Call SERVPRO for water loss solutions.

Water Damage in your Long Beach/Oceanside home?

This is a category three water loss. Which means the water was highly contaminated and the source of the loss was not from a clean water source. SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside can quickly help you get your home back in order during these types of situations!

Wet Ceilings Removed!

When water affects different levels of the home and seep through floors is it required for us to remove all the ceiling and floors affected. If you don't you run a large possibility of a mold problem in the long run!

Water Damage to your Long Beach/Oceanside Home

We specialize in extraction of water from your carpets and try to salvage them! Here we have a soaked carpet from a pipe leak in he ceiling above. Water damage can be tricky because if it is not treated properly you can wind up having mold issues in the long run!

Wet Floors in your Long Beach/Oceanside Home?

When it comes to drying out and removing wet flooring in your Long Beach/Oceanside home be sure to contact SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside as we have the expertise and the equipment to restore your home. These floors were soaked through and demolition was required. 

Long Beach/Oceanside Water Loss. We're Here to Help!

Here we have a leak coming from the ceiling above that caused a collapse in this kitchen. We here at SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside were quickly on the scene to remove any wet sheet rock and get this kitchen ready to cook in again!

Water Loss

This photo shows wet insulation and wet ceiling sheet rock that was removed from a customers home.  As you can see the entire ceiling was affected by a pipe leak. This pipe leak affected three floors of the home.