Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Your Long Beach Neighbor’s Water Damage Can Be Yours Too

This Long Beach living room had a surprise visit from water damage coming from their upstairs neighbor’s home. The ceiling collapsed and the water saturat... READ MORE

Water Damage In Oceanside

A homeowner in Oceanside called us regarding a water damage event. Insulation in a ceiling was damaged due to a toilet overflow from the floor above. Our water ... READ MORE

Apartment Water Damage in Long Beach

When an upstairs apartment has a leaking sink, the unit below can have water damage as well. The water seeps in through the ceiling and can be extensive behind... READ MORE

Ceiling Removed Due to Water Damage

In this before and after photo we see wet ceiling tiles due to a dish washer leak from the floor above. The entire ceiling was required to be removed to prevent... READ MORE

Basement Damage

Unexpected events happen to all of us. We here at SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside know how truly devastating it is when damage to your home causes damage to irr... READ MORE

Water Damage to Carpeted Flooring

Here we have water damage due to a washing machine leak that affected the majority of the home owners basement. The carpets were saturated and very wet from the... READ MORE

Floor Demolition After Flooding

This photo is a before and after of floor demolition. When your home has a significant amount of flooding you MUST pick up all carpeting or tiles on the floors ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement with Category 3 Water

This is a category 3 water clean-up job! There are three different categories of water damage:Category 1 being clean water that comes from sanitary sources such... READ MORE

Water Extraction From Carpet

This photo shows a water extraction from carpeted floor in Jericho, NY. The source of loss was a pipe leak in the home owners basement. SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oc... READ MORE

Flooded warehouse in Oceanside, NY

Due to large rainfall on Long Island in the past few weeks a drain backed up for this warehouse in Oceanside, NY. The sports facility called SERVPRO right away ... READ MORE